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The sustainable branding & marketing agency for forward-thinking, purpose driven brands. Specialists in working with business and the third sector to unlock sustainable growth.

Reward Agency

Seidea CIC is an award-winning global movement to diversify the Cybersecurity industry that began in 2018. We offer e-learning courses, virtual internships and a job board to our 583 members of Black, Asian and Minority Women.


Seilich is a skincare company with a difference; with nature being at the heart of everything we do, we have become the first company in the UK to gain certification from the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN). The business was started in 2018 by botanist Sally Gouldstone; through our company, we hope to:
- increase awareness about the sustainability of 'natural' products, which often conjure images of pristine ecosystems buzzing with life but all too often have negative impacts on the natural world.
- show that natural products can and should be 'good for nature' by demonstrating that ingredients can be harvested with a minimal impact on biodiversity
- increase the amount of natural habitat within the Lothians.

To meet this objective, the company created a wildflower meadow from which ingredients are sustainably harvested according to Wildlife Friendly principles (see ). We use our Wildlife Friendly certification to promote the importance of nature conservation to a novel audience; though the wellness industry values green/organic/natural products, there is little awareness of how the production of those ingredients might impact the natural world. We use our website, blog posts, social media campaigns and give talks at festivals and conferences to draw attention to these issues.

We also love to share our passion for wild habitats and offer a free habitat creation advice service for local community groups. We have for example worked with Pencaitland Primary School and Belhaven Community Garden, establishing wildflower meadows at both locations, running botanical identification courses for user groups and establishing management plans.
In addition to our nature conservation objectives, our company and products are as sustainable as possible with our products being 100% natural, palm-oil free and UK sourced (wherever possible) and based on low carbon manufacturing methods.


We sell end of line sportswear and equipment through high street and online outlets. If you imagine TK Maxx for sports that's us. To achieve this we use a workforce mainstream businesses overlook, people with physical and mental disabilities.


The Integrate Agency CIC is a social enterprise that supports the community through world class training, advocacy and support services.

Integrate was founded to be a community-focused outsourcing firm that defined the community of interest for the company as the entirety of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

Our aim is to grow the market share of charities and social enterprises providing services in the community.

To do this we understand the importance of capacity and capability development for the sector.

We manage a select portfolio of 8-10 fundraising clients including The Reasons Why Foundation, Caius House and Aspire2inspire Dyslexia CIC.

In 2019 we were contracted by Lambeth Council to be the new CVS through which we have introduced VCSE support innovations such as #walkingthepatch.

From 2019, we have been contracted to deliver capacity building programmes for the Mayor of London Young Londoners Fund in Lambeth and Southwark and proud that we've supported groups to bid and successfully be granted funding for this programme that anywhere else in London.

As a contract prime, Integrate leads the Lambeth Disability Employment Consortium (LDEC), a European social Fund initiative supporting disabled people, furthest from employment into work.

Funded by DCMS, Integrate is tackling the cyber skills crisis, supporting Brixton-based under and un-employed single parents into entry level cybersecurity jobs through the Padlock programme, selected as a 2019 Vodafone Techstarter

Padlock was the 2019 European winner of the $1.6m MIT #FutureofWork competition from over 1900 applications. Our MIT video is here

Integrate was nominated for a 'Tech for Good' award at the 2019 Social Enterprise UK Awards and 'One to Watch' at the 2018 Social Enterprise UK Awards, and selected for the 2020 & 2019 The NatWest SE100 Index and named 'One to Watch' in the 2019 UBS Social Entrepreneur Index.

The Integrate Agency CIC

We bring a positive, preventative, non-clinical mental health solution, to working age people. We improve mental health by enabling people to talk about it before it becomes a problem. We do this through events whereby people share how they have overcome a struggle in life. Events are relaxed, fun, sociable entertaining, informative and inspiring at the same time.

This approach is unique. Story-tellers and guests benefit from a therapeutic opportunity. Story-tellers are admired and celebrated, guests are inspired and equipped with practical techniques to overcome their own battles.

I started Touch Network as a part-time project. I have experienced severe depression over many years, I still have depression but am much, much better than past years. Many things have helped and supported me, and one of those, is hearing others stories.

There is a crisis of mental health, loneliness, and alienation in Britain. The public sector cannot adequately provide for this within its current model. We are responding by demonstrating a new, innovative, affordable model, focused on prevention and positivity.

We are ken to further our impact, and will continue running storytelling events locally, we are expanding regionally this year, and hope to expand nationally next year. we plan on offering therapeutic opportunities to thousands more people, that will prevent the mental health crisis becoming worse.

Touch Network CIC

Twipes are the world's first truly flushable wet wipes that can be used for all your personal hygiene needs. They are dermatologically tested and are certified flushable wipes by EDANA standards, as they are able to break down in water in as little as three hours.


We Make Bristol is a multi award winning gift shop with a difference. It is the only retail outlet in Bristol that is registered as a UK Social Enterprise. My commitment is to supporting independent creatives in Bristol and as such the shelves are packed with great quality and affordable homeware, toiletries, jewellery, children's' clothes, greeting cards, and accessories that have all been designed and made by Bristol artists, designers and creatives.

It's tough for independent creatives to make their work available for the general public to buy in an economically viable way. The usual options for these creatives are to either sell wholesale or give away 30-50% commission. Both these methods slash their profits to a negligible amount so I offer them the opportunity to rent space in the shop for a low cost weekly rent, to set their own retail prices and get 95% of all of their sales.

I regularly promote their work through Instagram, Facebook and the local community.

I also run workshops to give any of the creatives that stock their work in the shop an additional revenue stream

We Make Bristol

Wild & Kind CIC is a female focused organisation that looks to support women and people from marginalised gender groups who are experiencing loneliness and isolation. We are also keen to help people from these groups into self employment as artists and makers, with a long term goal of setting up a female focused working collective from where we can run all of our social outreach activities.

We currently run free regular workshops and free start-up advice session in the East End of Glasgow.

We generate income by running an ethical, cruelty free garment printing shop, and at this time, our success has been down to word of mouth and the following which we have generated through the social media platform - Instagram.

We have also set up an online store where we collaborate with artists all over the world to create ethical, empowering merchandise. We hope to grow and develop this side of the business in the future.

Wild & Kind CIC

As Perth's not-for-profit fitness & wellbeing enterprise, our main focus is on improving the mental health and overall wellbeing of local residents, and in particular those suffering from common mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, chronic stress, low self-esteem and low mood, as well as unpaid carers.

This is achieved through our blended approach of physical activity, simple relaxation and peer exchange and connection.

We also help people to overcome barriers to activity by providing play area and supervision allowing parents of babies and toddlers to get a great workout while their wee ones have fun.

By bringing together small groups of peers, emphasising the benefits to mental & physical health and wellbeing in a relaxed and welcoming environment, we enable people to become and stay active. Physical activity, relaxation techniques and peer support are powerful tools of self-management, recovery and prevention for a wide variety of mental health conditions, and by combining them in our progressive programmes delivered in our tailor-made setting, we are holding open a wide and welcoming door to greater wellbeing.

All Strong Scotland CIC

The Arkbound Foundation is a charity that aims to widen access to literature and improve diversity within the publishing industry.
We run projects that empower people from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the publishing and media industry, and develop their writing to publishing standards. We also help sponsor and mentor authors so that they can produce books that are widely read and which dispel negative stereotypes.

Based in Glasgow and Bristol, the Arkbound Foundation principally works with people who have experienced social exclusion, including those who have faced discrimination by virtue of their background, circumstance or personal characteristics. Our ethos is about empowerment, positive transformation and accessibility.

Arkbound Foundation CIO

Boromi is an award-winning network of in-school play libraries. We're on a shared mission to empower every parent to support and nurture their child's early development through powerful, purposeful play together at home, where it matters most.

The problem Boromi is trying to solve, is that almost half of all five-year olds from lower income families across the UK start school already behind their wealthier peers and without the foundations they need to thrive and reach their potential. Last year alone, this equated to 39,235 children.

Evidence indicates that this disparity not only persists throughout school, but becomes increasingly challenging to close and can be equivalent to "up to two years of learning by the time they sit their GCSEs" (Andrews, Robinson and Hutchinson 2017). As a result, these children are significantly more likely to leave school without qualifications reflecting their ability, ultimately having a detrimental impact upon their post-16 options, employment and long-term life chances.

Because of this, we know that addressing this gap by the age of five is fundamental to providing these children with a fair start in life.

There is a thorough evidence base to show that what a parent does at home with their child during the first five years has a greater impact upon that child's outcomes all the way to age 18, than any other factor including family income, parental education and school environment (Desforges 2003; Field 2010; Gutman and Feinstein 2007; Sylva et al. 2004).

Taken together therefore, suggests that through supporting parents to improve the learning that is happening at home during the first few years, we are best able to improve long term child outcomes.