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The Campaign

The inaugural GO FURTHER Investment campaign is an opportunity to engage, showcase and celebrate progressive businesses who are pushing through and achieving their aspirations through access to investment, impactful collaborations, and the foresight to inform and respond to the changing world around them. Often many of these businesses have similar characteristics which help determine their success. In showcasing these we believe that we can:

  • Celebrate their success

  • Shine a light on key differentiators (investment, innovation, insight, responsible business, and collaboration)

  • Inspire others to do more and in turn go further themselves

  • Drive engagement with aspirational businesses

  • Help the investment community go further by showcasing rapidly growing sectors and hot spots of opportunity


Our multi-channel campaign will feature a wide range of activity to help generate and sustain interest in the GO FURTHER INDEX. This will include news articles, webinars, podcasts, events and much more. Throughout the campaign there will be numerous opportunities for partners to create and contribute to this activity in order to support and strengthen the campaign, and also increase their brand visibility. The campaign will act as a catalyst for partners as thought leaders throughout the investment community to share insights and build momentum in exciting hot spots of opportunity. The campaign will be fuelled with opportunities for partners to show the support they are giving to this important agenda and enable them to inform, influence, curate and create the finer detail of the campaign content.

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The Index

During the campaign a nomination process will be launched to encourage engagement from the business community. Eligible businesses from all sectors will be welcome to apply, but we are particularly interested in businesses operating within Bio-science, Health Tech, Clean Energy, Decarbonisation, Circular Economy, Data and Digitisation, Space and Satellite, Tech, AI and Advanced Manufacturing.

Quite simply the GO FURTHER event will act as a beacon of brilliance and will inspire others to also do more and go further. The index will be published in a digital special report, giving space to showcase each listee, along with bringing together in one place the very best feature articles from the campaign, partner content and information to make it easier for others to do more and go further.

The Index
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The Event

The GO FURTHER INDEX event will:

• Launch the GO FURTHER INDEX and the accompanying digital publication

• Provide a framework to meet (both physically & virtually through a blended event format) to connect, collaborate and network

• Create real tangible opportunities to help share and shape the very latest thinking in sustainable investment and how the future of investment opportunities will look through high profile seminars and speakers

• Showcase the innovation hot spots and sharing opportunities

• Celebrating with and hearing from the index listees - progressive businesses across Scotland and the North

• Official launch of the GO FURTHER INDEX

• Number of high profile speakers and seminar sessions

The Event
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