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Shout about your achievements and increase your brand presence

Be recognised in our press and media campaign as a business that has achieved great success through investment

Work Presentation

Put your business in front of new investors

The GO FURTHER Investment Index will engage with a large number of investors and funders, from small seed angel investors through to corporate venturing

Collaborating at Work

Make impactful collaboration

Collaborate with like-minded businesses and build long lasting relationships that will benefit your business success in the long term

Why get involved?

Hear from Alfredo Ramos from CPI - one of the Index’s founders - about why CPI became involved and the reasons that companies should nominate themselves.

Taking Notes


The inaugural GO FURTHER Investment campaign is open to businesses of all sizes who are pushing through and achieving their aspirations through access to investment, impactful collaborations, and the foresight to inform and respond to the changing world around them. Businesses from all sectors will be welcome to apply, but we are particularly interested in businesses operating within Bio-science, Health Tech, Clean Energy, Decarbonisation, Circular Economy, Data and Digitisation, Space and Satellite, Tech, AI and Advanced Manufacturing.

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The GO FURTHER Index has identified the Northern Powerhouse and Scotland as major opportunity hot spots for investment, with a wide variety of growing sectors including Bio science, Health Tech, Clean Energy, Decarbonisation, Circular Economy, Data and Digitisation, Space and Satellite tech, AI and Advanced Manufacturing.


Home to 33 universities, six of which rank in the top 20 for research excellence nationally, the Northern Powerhouse is a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen are all packed with young, modern, innovative businesses and offer a wealth of opportunities to investors.


A strong indicator of the strength of the Northern Powerhouse was shown in 2019 when the economic growth of Leeds was higher than that of London for the same period. If the Northern Powerhouse was a country in its own right, it would be the 10th largest economy in the EU.


Scotland, with an estimated GDP of $202bn, has always had innovation at its heart of industry, from the telephone and penicillin to the ATM and the colour photograph, Scotland has claim to a lot of great inventions and discoveries over the years. Today, innovation is felt, taught and incorporated across the whole of Scottish life, work and play.


Scotland’s innovative culture means that more university spin outs are created there than anywhere else in the UK – including London. Home to 19 universities there is a national commitment to supporting spin outs, for example by motivating their academics, providing access to intellectual property and supporting activities across all sectors.

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