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Looking after your mental health when seeking investment – Lizzy Hodcroft

An experienced entrepreneur and passionate advocate for looking after our mental health, Lizzy Hodcroft is an inspiring public speaker on both topics. Having founded two businesses, The Sweet Beet and Discova, she is now sharing her experience as a self-employed consultant and speaker. Lizzy is also an Associate with Newcastle University, giving lectures on vulnerability in leadership, as well as Inspirational Lead at the Enterprise Academy. Lizzy draws on a wealth of insight from her own mental health struggles combined with her experience of business accelerators and investment as an ambassador of the Go Further Investment Index.

Watch this video to hear mental health and entrepreneurship speaker, consultant and trainer Lizzy Hodcroft’s thoughts on:

  • Why she has become an ambassador for the Go Further Investment Index

  • How she started on her entrepreneurship journey

  • Looking after your mental health as an entrepreneur

  • Managing the investment process

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