Jo Ashburner

Jo Ashburner

Red Dragon Flagmakers



Our award-winning business is unique. We make custom and generic traditional stitched and printed flags and banners and are the only social mission flag maker in the world. In tandem we also deliver the ROOF Initiative - a rehabilitation programme based around the training of skills and manufacture of the innovative ROOF coatbag with integrated sleeping bag designed to protect those living rough.

We are a sewing business, a manufacturer, a training provider, a social value manufacturer with a strong financial performance, positive social impact and niche manufacturing skills all evolved from turning proactive and innovative ideas into tangible social good and world class products. We make to order for the TV and film industry, public and corporate sectors; private and club commissions and our work can be seen in galleries, castles, palaces, homes and universities worldwide.

In today's globally competitive landscape manufacturers are inventors, innovators, global supply chain managers and service providers. What was once seen just as production is now production, research, design, and service provision and social value - value which goes beyond financial performance to include social impact and strategic importance to the regional and national economy – and this is what we do.