Gavin Mcadam

Gavin Mcadam

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We developed a range of lip reading facemasks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We undertook this to ensure many disadvantaged groups within society and people who interact with them could get access to quality facecoverings which provide a level of protection commensurate with other facemask offerings. These lip reading facemasks allow the deaf, hard of hearing community, dementia patients, people with mental health issues, children and young adults with language learning therapy requirements to be able to communicate whilst being protected from potential virus infection.

The approach we have taken to develop the product(s) has been undertaken through the implementation of a rigorous programme of product development, which has included live trials involving many individuals in the Edinburgh area community, prominent organisations supporting these groups across the UK and design team. To get these products to the people who need them most and to ensure funding was in place to gain certification approval for use in a medical environment and further refine improvements in key aspects of the design whilst making these available to individuals in need at a discounted price.

The final leg of development for this stage will see our progression towards CE certification against our 3rd generation product which will incorporate a novel material with product specific filtration capabilities, natural anti-viral and nature risk resistance resulting from an ongoing collaboration with Glasgow University. Our vision is to be able to deliver a sustainable product, which has been locally designed/ materials sourced here, that is manufactured in the UK.

With the use of high quality medical cotton in a local partnership in Scotland we are on track to deliver our vision for this type of product emerging here in ascot hand and throughout the UK.