Rojan Kumar Subramani

Rojan Kumar Subramani


VR and Software


Our social enterprise called DigiTechtive and it is aimed to transform lives through Technology and changing Perceptions. DigiTechtive's core vision is to support "Young Homeless People, Disadvantaged Young People and Refugees" through the latest digital technology employment, offer acquisition of new skills and education while working. We are providing employment opportunities through the latest Virtual reality and all our services delivered by trained above stated young people groups as a Digitechtive employee. We offer VR Health & Fitness, Interactive Education, Adventures & Exploration VR Arcade Gaming through Pop-Up VR events. We also provide Virtual Reality 360 Video Production for SMEs.

Young people with low or no qualifications make up 39% of all young people unemployed and not in education, and 47% of those inactive and outside learning ( Furthermore, technology nowadays not only provides information; it is also teaching people to learn and gather the basic needs to survive in this modern world. Low digital literacy is often linked to other forms of inequality such as few qualifications and low income. Moreover, Virtual reality (VR) experiences often come at a great cost, while being limited to a certain facility, effectively limiting access to a certain amount of people.

In addition, Virtual reality technology is a growing industry and many sectors started to use VR. We carefully have chosen this growing VR technology because it has excellent income revenue, affordable opportunity for anyone to engage with this latest digital technology, able to create more jobs and support various social impact through Profit surplus. Therefore, we would like to inspire Scotland to explore the digital world through VR and to have access to the latest digital technologies at an affordable price.