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Victoria Ijeh

Iconic Steps

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Creative and Media


Iconic Steps is an award winning community interest company established in 2012 to develop a growth mindset in young people, so they can overcome barriers and take their first steps towards an Iconic Career.

We aim to solve youth unemployment with a focus on the media industry and diversity in all its forms, delivering courses to upskill young people with practical production skills for the media industry. We work alongside our industry partners including Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix, See-Saw Films and Multi Story, connecting young people to job opportunities, mentors, masterclasses and Q&A’s.

Through our Alumni Programme we provide extra support, not only for employment but in other aspects of their lives such as personal budgeting and debt, resilience building and surrounding them with a community of like-minded peers, as they start their journey. 75% of young people we support have gained employment in the media industry and 90% feel that Iconic Steps has had a positive impact on their life.

Through our video and photography service, we create and capture content for clients. What is unique about Iconic Steps is that we hire 15 young people from our graduate base and the profits are reinvested back into Iconic Steps so we can help more people creating a ‘Virtuous Circle’. A great example of our work is that in 2019, we created the new recruitment flyer for Channel 4's 4Talent's career opportunities and we were also the official videographers for Lambeth Council's Elevate Campaign funded by the Mayor of London.

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